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Why We Love Malarkey Shingles

There's many things to take into account when choosing shingles for a residential home.

Malarkey Vista shingles will last for years to come. Its Class 3 impact resistance offers a high rate of protection against Oklahoma weather conditions. This shingle also has increased shingle flexibility thanks to the sustainable, polymer modified asphalt technology that helps with adhesion.

This shingle provides a strong defense against impact. A 110 mph Limited Wind Warranty is included, and an eligible 130 mph Enhanced Wind Warranty when additional standards are met. It's flexibility in all weather, shingle strength, and formulated roofing sealants has made this a favorite among roofers and customers alike.

The Cool Roof Rating Council released ratings (determined with a fixed set of conditions) and it demonstrated the effectiveness of the Malarkey Vista shingle in relation to the protection it provides against damaging solar rays.

There's many great shingles on the market. Choose the one that's right for you!

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