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   Tad Drake got his start into the roofing business at the age of 19, job shadowing to learn the trade and then on to lead teams of roofing crews. With an unseen worth ethic and an unparalleled knowledge of roofing and construction, it wasn't much of a surprise when Drake decided to lead the way in the industry.

    Tad noticed a trend: business owners were sub-contracting their work, corners were being cut to increase profits and unlicensed "contractors" from out of state would sweep in after big storms. The moral compass of roofing companies were almost non-existent. He founded Drake Roofing on the values that doing business with integrity means you also get the pleasure of helping others in the process. 


      Most business owners of roofing companies don't even know how to do the work they assign. Others aren't properly licensed, or some swoop in from out of town after severe weather with the sole purpose to get your money and ran. We keep our business practices transparent. Drake Roofing and Construction is with you each step of the way by planning, monitoring, and executing a successful project.

He ain't fake, hit up Drake! 405-467-4895


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