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Beware of Roofing Scams

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

We're coming upon the season of scammers, but sometimes we are targeted by thieves the old-fashioned way.

A recent article by Oklahoma City's KFOR proves that unethical roofing practices may be becoming more prevalent across the Midwest. Promising work that is not fulfilled, false charges, and incomplete jobs that create more hassle for the customer. Other news outlets have also warned residents about roofing contractors who persuade residents into giving up too much personal information that potentially lead to identity theft.

According to The Oklahoma, "The Construction Industries Board also takes complaints about roofing contractors and accepts reports of unregistered roofers doing business in the state. The board maintains a list of more than 1,500 roofing contractors. The list"

Tad Drake, Owner of Drake Roofing and Construction, recommends that consumers ask any potential roofing company to provide their licensing numbers registered from the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board prior to signing or agreeing to any work on their residential or commercial property. Checking their website or social media accounts for a licensing number is not enough. Any unlicensed company, contractor, or worker could potentially sue for injury on the work site, including legal bills, expensive medical bills, and time off work. Are you prepared to pay the costs, or at least ready to relinquish the assurance of quality work?

Example of roofing license in Oklahoma

A licensed contractor means they meet the industry and state standards for quality, licensed workmanship. Unlicensed workers have to cut corners to get the job done because they aren't able to work with wholesale retailers. Is that the kind of work you want done on your roof?

What makes a person choose an unlicensed contractor knowingly comes down to something as simple as money. The benefit of a licensed contractor is that you have the guarantee and coverage of work. Most customers are surprised to find that licensed contractors are able to provide service at little to NO cost to them at all! It stands to reason that it can actually cost you less to go with a more reputable company. When you realize WHY they are cheaper, then you'll begin to realize you get what you pay for.

What makes a contractor lose his/her license? Complaints can cause a company's license to be revoked. If a roofing company knocks on your door, ask for their ID, their CIB numbers, proof of liability for insurance and worker's compensation coverage, and details of said project. A licensed roofer will not be offended, because it's standard practice! So research and review before you make a decision, or better yet - call Drake! He ain't fake! 405.819.4386

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