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Avoid These DYI Mistakes

Channels like HGTV have made do-it-yourself home repairs the big craze. A quick Google search might lead some to think they can do the repairs on their own. The problem? Inexperienced homeowners trying to tackle professional work. Here's some of the problems that can occur by trying to repair a residential roof yourself.

Personal Injury

The biggest concern when it comes to roofing repairs is personal injury. Climbing a ladder and getting on top of your roof might seem like an easy task, but not knowing weak spots in your roof, losing your footing, and not having the proper tools can make it all the more dangerous at such an elevated height.

Cause More Damage

You may think that nailing a few shingles down is all that needs to be done, think again. In order to properly protect your roof, there are many other layers and properties that make up the entirety of the roof itself beyond the shingles. Any sign of a leak indicates damage beyond missing shingles.

Cheaper To Call A Professional

How can it be cheaper to call a professional?! Because often times when a personal attempts to fix something themselves, they end up doing more damage. A professional roofer will have the tools, equipment, and knowledge to fix and identify the issue you had in the first place. It's the very reason why roofers are required by law to be licensed in the specific state they work in. Always call a professional and always ask them to provide you with their license number.

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