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Does Preventative Roof Maintenance Save You Money?

When it comes to your finances and budgeting, sometimes people look for ways to save money and cut costs in other ways, such as preventative roof maintenance. If your roof isn't leaking, you're fine, right?

Pushing maintenance may not seem like an immediate concern, but delaying it can have a serious impact on your long-term budget. Here's why.

Routine maintenance can prevent deterioration and can prevent more expensive damage down the road. You wouldn't drive a car without getting the oil change or the tires rotated, because without that maintenance you're looking at major repairs down the line. Your home is no different.

In 2005 the Department of Energy's Nuclear Security Administration created the Roof Asset Management Program ( that utilized strategic and proactive repairs to extend roof life and through this program some fascinating data has come from it:

● Increased the life of the roof by 25%

● Decreased energy costs for the structure

● Created consisted construction standards

80% of roofs are replaced prematurely.


Aside from saving you money on the exterior of your home, it can save you money on the interior as well. Should damage occur to your roof without your knowing, leaks, premature roof failure, structural damage, and other problems can arise quickly and escalate into serious and expensive problems such as damage caused to:

●interior furnishings

●HVAC equipment

●Electrical systems

It costs on average of 14 cents per square foot to proactively maintain your roof each year. But waiting until a problem arises can cost up to 25 cents per square roof. That means that being proactive vs. reactive means you'll save about 11 cents per square foot!!!

Professional clean-up and restoration services can add up quickly. It's easier to cut costs and save money by being proactive with roof repair and maintenance. Roofing concerns are often addressed only when a problem is noticed, not when it arises. A pound of prevention is worth an ounce of cure. Maintenance is worth the investment!

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Feb 12, 2022

Each contractor has his own rate and method of working. It is definite that all the roof repair estimates will vary a great deal in their price range and the services they will offer.

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